Is My College Degree Worth the Student Loan Debt?

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CreditGuard of America has produced this fantastic infographic, which details the many factors and considerations that can go into taking on student loan debt. For those asking if college is worth the cost, statistics indicate that college graduates are still more likely to find a job than those who who don’t pursue higher education. Washington, DC hosts the highest average of debt per student, well above the average of $24,000 for all 4-year graduates. This is in large part due to the 1,000% increase in the cost of college education in the past 30 years.

What do you think? Would you still take on the rising cost of college for the long-term payoff in job security? Remember, not all debt is bad debt – but you still have to manage your other sources of debt, such as credit cards, to have a fighting chance at paying off student loans in the years after graduation.

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Savvy Credit Management for Businesses

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Just like for individual consumers, credit management for businesses can be a real balancing act. While having a line of credit is a great way to grow business and makes record keeping easier, it needs to be managed effectively. This way, you don’t wind up with big balances that could cost your business a lot of dollars in interest charges. It’s always smart to make the highest possible payment that you can each month. Increasing the monthly payments can help you get out of debt quicker. Selecting a lender with a low APR is another effective strategy for credit management. With a low APR, more money from each payment goes toward paying off the actual balance and less goes towards interest fees. You can also consider switching to a card with a low teaser rate for a few months. Just try to pay off as much of the balance as possible before the introductory period is over, and the rate increases.

Credit Management Solution One

If you’re having difficulty making your business payments on time or don’t qualify for a balance transfer, you can always contact your lenders directly for an agreeable solution. As a business owner, you want to do a good job at managing your business expenses, so you don’t wind up losing your credit lines or having to pay higher interest rates. Call your issuing bank’s customer line and ask to speak to a financial representative. You’ll find that most lenders are receptive to helping you resolve your financial problems. Often, lenders will be agreeable to adjusting terms and even changing the due dates. Chances are that your lender may already know that you are having some financial difficulties and likely have tried to reach out to you. If they do try to reach out to you, don’t ignore their efforts. Get ready to share ideas for a resolution.

Credit Management Solution Two

If attempts to negotiate a resolution with your lenders proves unsuccessful, you may be able to resolve the problem with credit counseling services. There are organizations that offer credit counseling services for businesses. These organizations will review your credit and financial situation to help you get a grip of the proper strategy to take for credit management. They will assist you in prioritizing bills and may even negotiate with your lenders to eliminate late fees and finance charges. They will also work with you and your creditors to help develop a repayment plan that works for both of you.

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Benefits of Credit Card Consolidation

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recover from debt

Credit card debt is an increasing problem that many Americans are facing, especially during the hard economic times.  Many credit card companies charge high interest rates and tack on big fees for missing even one payment.  This combination can put a consumer into the cycle of making a large minimum payment without seeing their balances go down.  Making only the minimum payments on several credit cards will soon affect the family budget and leave you with tough decisions about whether or not you can continue to pay your debt.

Fortunately there is an answer.  Credit card consolidation can help you get out of debt faster than making multiple minimum payments. It’s a great way for responsible people who have fallen on hard times to fulfill their financial obligations in a way that will satisfy both parties.

Credit card consolidation works by allowing a consolidation company to handle your debts for you.  They will handle the phone calls from your creditors and make payment arrangements with them in order to satisfy your debt.  In many cases, they are able to reduce your interest rate and waive late fees, which helps you get out of debt faster.  Most importantly, credit consolidation gives you the peace of mind knowing that your financial transactions are handled by a reliable company.  The only thing that you are left to do is make a phone call to get started.

The best thing about consolidation is that you will have one monthly payment to make.  This monthly payment is usually lower than the combined total of your minimum monthly payments.  In the ending, you should be able to get out of debt faster and still satisfy your creditors.  It’s a smarter way to spend your money.

Credit card consolidation is the smart way to handle your credit card debt.  Consolidation is not a bad thing; it’s just a different way for responsible people to handle their financial obligations.  Consolidation can help lower your interest rates, reduce or eliminate your late fees and over the limit penalties, and it will also keep you off the phone with collectors.

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Protecting Yourself with Online Debt Consolidation

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There are many reasons why debt laden consumers turn to online services for consolidation help. A few of these reasons include:

  • Lower fees
  • Faster application approval time
  • Help available 24/7

Also, if you live in a rural area, you may only be able to find consolidation services online.

Practicing Caution with Online Debt Consolidation

While online debt consolidation is generally seen as safe, you do have to be careful. Some people are hesitant to work with people they can’t meet face to face. Consumers are wise to be cautious online, where scams and the threat of identity theft are prominent. This danger can be alleviated by working with only reputable and trustworthy names in the debt consolidation industry. Overall, online debt consolidation at is fast, safe and convenient.

How to Protect Yourself

There are ways to protect yourself when seeking financial help online. Millions of Americans share financial information online every day. Some of the activities that are performed online that involve personal and financial information are:

  • Online banking
  • Applications for credit cards
  • Home mortgage applications
  • Refinancing a mortgage
  • Applying for a job that requires a credit check
  • Checking your credit report and score

These transactions are done every day, all over the world. Yes, some of these people have been scammed or their identity stolen. Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself. Simply follow these tips:

  • Verify that the site is a trusted financial institution
  • Enable firewalls and security protection on your computer
  • Check out the site with the Better Business Bureau or similar organization
  • Use services recommended by friends and family
  • If anything feels funny or not quite right, do not share any information

There are plenty of online debt consolidation services that are perfectly safe and legitimate. Debt consolidation is a great way to bring your debt under control, but of course, it will backfire if someone steals your identity. Follow the simple tips listed above to make sure you get the best deal while still protecting your sensitive information.

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Credit Card Debt is Not So Hard to Handle

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handling credit card debt

Relax – you can handle the stress of debt.

Having credit cards is a good way to establish a good credit history for future financing. It is good to establish yourself as a reliable client who pays your bills on time, but even for the best intentioned uses of credit cards, there is always risk associated with using them. Unexpected things happen, such as sudden or expected job loss, emergency medical bills and automotive repair bills.  These sudden expenses or loss of income can make it impossible to pay credit card debt for a while. If you miss a payment, the situation can start perpetuating itself with steep fees or high interest rates. Once this vicious cycle starts it can be very hard to stop.

Fortunately for credit card debt, there is a lot of help available for people who look for it. It comes not with monetary help, but rather the type of help that starts a cycle of good fiscal habits that leads to debt relief. Credit Guard credit consolidation is a solution that helps many others, and it can help you. Through a consolidator, people’s financial life style gets a whole re-work so that they may become financially independent.

A credit consolidation brings together your credits and other unsecured loans and puts them under a single balance to be paid off monthly. Coupling this credit card debt compression with all the other debt solutions a consolidation program provides, and you get one efficient debt reducing machine.

Providing financial advice to grant you with the financial skills necessary to thrive in these hard financial times, these counselors help you understand that your situation is not as bad as you once thought. You’ll often complete your debts well before they are completely due. Completing debts and credits early saves money from interest being gained.

With all of this help that is available, nothing seems too hard to handle. With a little direction, some perseverance, and some can-do attitude you will be debt free in no time!

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Consolidation Debt is Easy Debt

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If you have multiple unsecured loans chances are that you struggle keep up with them.  It is a fact that having to keep up with multiple balances is much harder to do than keeping up with a single payment. Having to keep up with all of your payments is very difficult sometimes, and the hassle that comes with remembering and paying each monthly payment leads to confusion and heartache. The easy solution to paying the multiple debts is to condense them into a singular monthly payment. Under a single bill there won’t be any confusion as to what needs to be paid by when as it’s all in a once a month bill.

confused about consolidation debt

A debt consolidator does exactly that; they can take your debts and credits under a single bill. It makes the paying process so much easier by taking the questions out of paying. Consolidation debt is much easier to pay off over time than multiple bills.

For reasons other than just the consolidation of debt, consolidation services make a lot of sense. Consolidators can lower your interest rates or fees associated with your debts and credits. They also provide financial planners who work with you to help you better manage your finances, which is key to paying off your bills in a timely manner. Consolidation debt typically gets paid off much quicker than free floating debts.

If you are struggling with payments a consolidator can advocate for you to your creditors to find a better payment plan that benefits you. As consolidator, they have the power of negotiation for the benefit of their clients, and creditors are more inclined to listen to you if you are taking pro-active steps to paying off your debts, such as talking to a consolidator to help you with your debts.

With the availability of all of this help, many debt problems seem to be not quite so deep or wide. Often, all you need is a little jump start to get the ball rolling!

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Three Signs You May Need to Consider Credit Card Consolidation

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three signs you might need credit card consolidation and financial counseling

Any person with multiple credit cards would probably like to have the opportunity to pay back their debt much quicker.  It is convenient to have access to credit, but when debt becomes too burdensome, it’s time to take a closer look.  Here are three signs you may need to consider credit card consolidation:

Multiple Credit Cards

You have multiple credit cards.  At first, you found them easy enough to manage.   Over time, however, you found yourself getting further behind.  You have an occasional emergency here and there.  You have a need to take care of some home improvements that can no longer wait.  Now you have to resort to making minimum monthly payments and switch some things around to keep your credit card payments manageable.  As you sense that you are starting to fall far behind in your monthly credit card obligations, you decide it’s time to see what you can do to get a better handle on your finances.  Credit card consolidation should be considered at this juncture.

Inability to Lower Interest Rates

You are unable to lower your interest rates on your credit cards.  You have contacted your credit card companies to discuss a rate reduction and they have declined to revisit those terms.  Perhaps you simply don’t have the time available to talk to each of your creditors.  In either case, you could benefit from the expertise of professional counselors who are experienced and in a better position to negotiate on your behalf.

Desire to Improve Your Credit

You have decided to purchase a home.  You know that in order to get the best terms, your credit has to improve.  You want to make sure that your credit score is improved before you make an attempt to pre-qualify for a home.  You have your budget in place, and you have identified an amount of money you can comfortably set aside each month to pay off your debts.  Credit counselors can provide you with financial counseling to prepare you for home ownership.

When you are concerned about your interest rates or credit rating, you may benefit from financial counseling services.  If you see that you could save on your credit card debts by lowering your interest rates, you can work with a licensed counselor to help you lower your interest rates.  Credit counseling is ideal for those who want to erase their credit card debt.

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Find Debt Relief at Last

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get debt relief with debt consolidation servicesAre you drowning in debt? Are you avoiding answering your phone due to all the creditors calling? Are your paychecks spent before you even receive them with no end in sight? Is there anywhere you can turn for debt relief?

Today, with the housing market still in flux, the economy sluggish, costs of going to college at an all-time high and unmanageable medical expenses easily incurred even by middle-class families with insurance, debt has become a way of life for many responsible and conscientious individuals. Debt has a way of getting out of hand very quickly.

What Kind of Debt Relief Should You Choose?

Offers will pour in that claim to help you with your debt, but how do you know which ones are legitimate? Some will promise loans while others will suggest partial debt forgiveness. However, these all carry some level of risk, and are often quit expensive in and of themselves. There is only one solution that will preserve your credit and help you pay off your bills in a timely fashion and that is a credit guard debt consolidation service.

What Debt Consolidators Can Do For You

Debt consolidators can negotiate with your creditors in order to work out a payment plan that will allow you to get back on top of your debts and begin paying them down. In many cases, they can arrange for interest to stop accruing on your debts and the elimination or reduction of any accrued fees and charges. They can also work with you to develop a budget if needed so that you can learn how to better manage your money.

The counselors at debt consolidation companies are trained in working with anxious people during a stressful and frightening time. They can assist you in finding solutions at a time when you may feel there are no solutions left. If you’re struggling with a rapidly growing amount of debt, consider calling a consolidator today.

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